What is CIDB’s contractor license?

Your company needs CIDB’s license? But did not know how to register? We will assist you! Let’s understand What is CIDB’s contractor license first.

What is CIDB’s license?

CIDB’s contractor license is a declaration slip from CIDB for the contractor. Contractor who needs to do or finish any development work must enrolled as CIDB’s contractor. There are 3 kinds of certificates issued by CIDB:


Perakuan Pendaftaran Kontraktor or PPK is an authentication gave to registered company according to Act 520 and regulations under it. Here, is an example of PPK certificate.

What is CIDB's contractor license?, What is CIDB’s contractor license?

Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan or SPKK is certificate that certifies the contractor to take part in any citation of development projects by the Malaysia government according to the capabilities set. Meanwhile, the nominee in the SPKK, is an individual who is in charged to do business related with government tenders. The nominees can be any individual Malaysian citizen whether a business owner, board member, director, cooperative board member or any company employee. Here is an example of SPKK declaration:

What is CIDB's contractor license?, What is CIDB’s contractor license?

Sijil Taraf Bumiputera or STB applications are eligible to contractor with bumiputra status proprietors only. If your company has STB, this will qualify your company to apply for a special tender issued by the government for Bumiputra-only contractor. This certificate is required when contractor want to apply for a government tender. Here, is an example of STB certificate.

What is CIDB's contractor license?, What is CIDB’s contractor license?


CIDB’S contractor license has 3 kinds of certificates. You should enlist your company with CIDB before undertaking and finishing any construction work in Malaysia.

Now, you know the types of CIDB’s contractor license certificate. Simply fill out your application form on our website, lesenkontraktor.com.my and we will process your application within 24 hours or less.

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